I'm so happy you stopped by to learn a little about this bespoke heart... My name is Lisa & I've been happily married to my handsome prince for over thirty years... still not long enough for us!  We have three beautiful grown children & I was blessed to officiate each of their weddings! Our tribe consists of Tyler & Dilyana who blessed us with two precious granddaughters, Avalyn & Emerie Rose; Natalie & Jordan who are sticking with grandpups for now, Jagger & JuJu; and Nicole & Epi who gifted us with two handsome grandsons, Maverick & Arrow! That's my crew... I look forward to meeting yours!

this bespoke heart

here's to love & our bespoke hearts!



Love is the grandest experience in life!
It holds the key to your greatest joys
& deepest heartaches.
Love has the ability to fill & empty your cup
like nothing else in life...
I wouldn't have it any other way
for one can only experience the height of joy
to the depth they have felt heartache...
& who wants to go through life
without ever knowing
the exhilaration of the mountaintop!

what makes a bespoke bride

... Love